UNDISCLOSED #12 – 28th December 2008

Early morning sometime, I think around 9am.

I am standing in front of the War Memorial.

There is a man made pool in front.

I am walking around this.

I am now at the end facing back towards the huge cenotaph.

I am lying down with my feet facing towards the memorial. I am dressed in a red shirt and red pants. I have a pile of ice cubes to each side, which I pick up and place around my legs.

The cubes are tracing my outline.

A couple are walking in my direction, they are in there mid 50’s.

They look down at me with interest and then look around trying to figure if there is something or someone else around that will give a clue to this. They sort of smile at me but don’t engage.

I am now up to my upper torso. It is pretty swift work.

I am tracing my right arm. It is getting a bit tricky here, but I figure if I trace one arm then remove that arm to trace my other, then I will lie down grappling for the remaining cubes to place around my head.

I have just placed the last of the cubes above my head and I am now settling my arms inside their ice-cube outline.

I am lying in my outline imagining the ice-cubes are melting. I don’t know how long this will take. It is a warm day so I am supposing not too long.

I wonder if I will get told to move on before they are finished melting.

There are a lot more people around now. I hear them and see some of them pass.

Most seem to just look at me quizzically.

I am waiting for a bunch of loud party revellers to stumble across me on their way home but so far so good. It is a tricky thing, you can never be sure which way it could go with them.

It is interesting this early morning crowd have been quite polite, so far. Maybe it is a Sunday thing. Sunday the day of visiting great monuments, gardens, galleries, churches…

I think I must have been here for an hour, I feel very calm amongst the city din.

I can see that the ice-cubes are mostly melted.

I rise and step out of my watery outline.

From my pocket I pull out a tiny needle. I am now pricking each tip of my fingertips on my left hand. I squeeze and encourage a droplet on each tip.

I am bending down and leaning over my outline I imprint each finger on the ground inside my outline to form a half-cup shape in the vicinity of my womb.

I am now repeating this with my right hand. I imprint my fingertips on the ground to complete this cup shape. They look like faint dark blotches. A sort of join the dots.

I am standing at my outlines feet and I take one last look at this trace.

I leave, I am walking away along the avenue with my back to the memorial.

I cannot know what this trace will be by mid afternoon but each cube was infused with a large amount of salt, so in my minds eye I can see a barely perceptible salt stain. A fleeting ghost.


~ by jvulcan on February 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “UNDISCLOSED #12 – 28th December 2008”

  1. Reblogged this on My Blog on New Media Art and commented:
    I chose to reblog this post because of the pre-during-post. Of all we have no real evidence of during.

  2. Hello Julie, I found this project interesting. I had a strong sense of knowing what was going on when I didn’t, so I felt confident and uneasy at the same time and I was playing a reel of the process and people walking by. Then imagining you doing that before the performance and writing out what you foresee the likely events to be. So the process played through my mind but I also realised that I was taking evidence from elsewhere. Like the banner photo at the top of the page. Not related to the performance but I took it on as evidence of my experience some how, all based on borrowed memory and mixed with the interruptions and additional cues that happen when using the internet at home.
    I was wondering if you could explain something about the paradox of having an account of what occurred yet the thought of you planning it and thinking of how it will be read remaining stronger with me. (Its like a circle if you get what I mean)

  3. So fantastic to have some juicy interrogation and discussion. You have indeed honed in on some of the very things I am interested in. Truth and memory, the idea of a constructed memory – maybe the latter as a gift and the seeding of a new memory. For the Disclosed part of the project I was really interested in how the audience (the reader) would or could construct their own memory of the event. Could they see it? feel it? be there to a certain extent. This made the first person narration important and it had to be situated in the present, as the things I saw or did unfolded. Yet of course, the telling is still reliant on memory, my selected memory, as I write it post the event and condense the timeframe. I have had people respond to some of the events like they were there, I find that interesting. In response to your questions about how the site (wordpress site), other comments, other internet research/influences affect your ‘participation’ – I find this not dissimilar to when you might see a show, have post discussion with friends, maybe read the program after and possibly look up the artist. I believe all these things influence, colour and subtly shift the memory of your experience and how you re-tell it. For me I am interested in the thought that one day someone who read one of these first hand accounts of the performances, re tells it to someone else, forgetting they weren’t actually there. So the question is – Is that important? Or is it more important that something they ‘witnessed’ so to speak, has had some sort of effect or left an imprint? Is this the gift?

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