UNDISCLOSED #4 – 27th April 2008

It is 11.30 pm.

I am in a large open park, a park that has lots of unobstructed space.

A park that is open to the sky, an open canvas.

There is no-one in the park at this time. It is cold and the icy winds are unusual for April. Yet this makes the park, the sky, the night, seem clear, fresh and expectant.

I am standing in a central position in the park and place my bag down.

A large bat flies overhead and screeches as it lands in a bordering tree.

From my bag I take out a medium sized white stone, I walk 20 paces at a slight diagonal to the left, from my bag and place it there (#1).  Returning, I take another white stone and repeat this procedure, at a slight diagonal, but 18 paces to the right (#2).

The next rock I pick up and about face and walk 19 paces to my right on a slight diagonal, placing it there (#3). On return, I then take the next rock 18 paces at a slight diagonal to my left placing it there (#4).

This time on return I place a rock next to my bag (#5), the next rock I turn to my right and at a very slight diagonal towards my initial right rock, I walk 6 paces and place it (#6). Back at centre I turn to my left and continue this diagonal placing the next rock 6 paces from the central one and in line with it and the previous placement (#7).

Returning to my bag, I pick up three white rocks now, these are slightly smaller, turning back towards the last placement I stop just before I reach it, I now turn to my left again and at a very slight angle back towards the right I walk 6 paces, place a rock (#8), walk another 6 paces, place a rock (#9) and then a final 6 paces, placing the last rock (#10).

Now back at the central rock, I pick up another smaller rock and facing the original two I walk at an ever so slight angle to my right, 22 paces and place this one here (#11).

I look back across the design I have made, the markers.

This is reminiscent of something humans have been doing for a long, long time.

Marking and mimicking what they see in an effort to understand, be it an exercise in memory, veneration or adulation.

I now go back to my bag and take out the final two rocks; one is medium and the other a bit larger.

I walk towards placement #3, from here I walk at a 45 degree angle to my right, 20 paces, at this point I place the medium rock (#12).  Then turning to my right again and back ever so slightly I walk 15 paces and place the final larger rock (#13).

In all this time I have been totally absorbed in what I am doing. I have been aware of the night and the night noises, the odd car, distant voices but my focus has been on my creation.

I walk back to the centre and pick up my bag, I head straight down, between placements #3 and #4.

Turning I look back, I can see most of the placements, some are a bit faint.

They glow in the quarter moon sky.

They mimic a constellation.

This constellation is one that has intrigued humans for millennia, it has many stories, it has many faces and many names, it can be seen the world over.

It is a marker.

It was in the sky before humans and will remain there after.

It is 11.48pm.

I leave the park.


~ by jvulcan on February 15, 2009.

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