UNDISCLOSED #6 – 29th June 2008

It is 9.10am, I am sitting in a café and my early morning coffee and fruit toast has just arrived. I take out my mobile and take a photo of this early morning breakfast. I then scan for any bluetooth devices, within 30 seconds I have five.


Adding the words

“Thank God you are here!” to the photo of my breakfast.

I send it out to these bluetooth devices. I turn my bluetooth off.


It is 11am and I have moved to another café. This time my order is a hot chocolate in a tall glass adorned with a large marshmallow.


Taking a photo of this I add the words

“Time to enjoy”

Scanning for bluetooth devices I discover 3.

Out my message goes.

It is 1.30pm


Lunch in another café. A bagel with smoked salmon, capers, cheese. A side of rocket.


My photo is accompanied by

“it’s fishy”

9 discoverable devices. Out goes my message.


Two fail.

4.15 and a latte with a chocolate brownie sit in front of me.


“Warm and happy”

6 devices.

All are received.

Sitting at a bar overlooking the street at 6pm. Before me is a tall glass containing a long island ice tea.


“It has been a long time”

12 devices all messages delivered.

7.30pm finds me in an Italian Restaurant. Before me is a plate of Spaghetti Neopolitana.


“mix it up”

4 devices, 4 messages go out.


9.30pm, in a re-vamped pub. The place is vibey and there is lots of laughter. I have a glass of red wine.


“Last one”

13 devices.




~ by jvulcan on February 15, 2009.

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